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miércoles, 27 de septiembre de 2017

Harmonica Sam with The Domestic Bumblebees • Rocker No.1

Desde Suecia Harmonica Sam y los Domestic Bumblebees, excelente banda de Rockabilly, Rhythm and blues y Rock and Roll.


From Sweden the Harmonica Sam and Domestic Bumblebees, excellent band of Rockabilly, Rhythm and Blues and Rock and Roll.

1. I'm gonna catch you
2. Big door
3. Honey hush
4. Barefoot rock
5. Don't say that you love me
6. Rocker # 1
7. It's me baby
8. It's lovin'
9. To my pretty baby
10. This train
11. It's a man down there
12. Up to date lover
13. It's all your fault
14. Wild cherry
15. No more Mr Lonely

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