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lunes, 4 de septiembre de 2017

Bradley Leighton • Soul Collective

Review by Scott Yanow
Bradley Leighton is a fine flute player who is a bit reminiscent in tone and style of Herbie Mann. Like Mann, Leighton is often heard in a wide variety of settings, ranging from creative jazz to crossover pop. The music on Soul Collective almost ranges that far, from fine examples of funky jazz to a pair of throwaway R&B vocals. Some of the music seems aimed at the smooth market while other selections would function best as background music for dancers. The musicianship is excellent, the rhythm sections groove, and the horn section (which includes Tom Scott on three selections) is full of talent. Leighton plays quite well throughout. But nothing all that unexpected occurs and the results are a bit too predictable and safe to be all that memorable.

1. It's On! (Phillips)
2. Café Con Leche (Phillips) 
3. Wake Up Call (Phillips) 
4. She's Gone (Hall/Oates)  
5. That Man (Prophet) 
6. Ode To Billy Joe (Gentry) 
7. Rock Me Softly(Phillips) 
8. Undercover (Phillips)
9. Keep That Same Old Feeling (Henderson) 

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