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viernes, 4 de agosto de 2017

Peter Leitch • On A Misty Night

Review by Scott Yanow
Peter Leitch, who has an appealing, mellow tone and a boppish style influenced by Kenny Burrell, appears on this set in a pianoless trio with bassist Neil Swainson and drummer Mickey Roker, an instrumentation Burrell helped to popularize in the late 1950s. Leitch is fairly exploratory on songs by Tadd Dameron, Tom McIntosh, Wayne Shorter, and Thelonious Monk ("Crepescule with Nellie") plus an original, "Serenata," and a ballad medley of "No More" and "Detour Ahead." Easily recommended to fans of the modern mainstream guitar.

1 On A Misty Night 5:06
2 No More, Detour Ahead 7:43
3 Fifty Up 6:30
4 Duet 5:13
5 The Cup Bearers 5:31
6 Witch Hunt 8:04
7 Crepecule With Nellie 3:10
8 Serenata 3:28
9 Spring Is Here 6:06
10 Airegin 6:16

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