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Lionel Hampton • Bossa Nova Jazz

Rare and very nice Jazz Samba session issued on Hampton's own Glad Hamp label and never released on cd.

Hamp's take on the popular style is far more careless than, for instance, Stan Getz's highly polished Jazz Samba albums. As much as this carelessness may keep the date from being a classic (or as the AMG may put it, essential) affair, it certainly adds to the charm of the album. The musicians mainly stem from Hamp's big band with the addition of three Brazilian guests, who are in charge of giving the music it's necessary authenticity.

The Brazilian duo of Carmen Costa and Jose Paulo was featured on several Northamerican Bossa/Jazz Samba albums recorded around 1962/63. And while their most frequent assignment was to add Samba percussion to the proceedings - usually tambourine and cabassa - here Paulo is on guitar and Costa sings on 4 tracks (both also add their usual percussion background). In Brazil Costa was mainly popular as a Samba singer and not as a percussionist. It's immediately clear that she's no casual singer but a pro. What a pity that her vocal skills weren't featured more often on her US engagements (she also sings a bit on Ramsey Lewis' Bossa Nova).

The leader plays some melodic solos while Robert Plater's baritone sax and flute solos as well as Judd Woldin's piano contributions are solid but not spectacular. The compact running time of most tunes does of course avert any extensive statements.

Robert Plater (fl, as, bar);
Lionel Hampton (vib);
Edwin Woldin (p, org);
Jose Paulo (g, perc, vcl on A4,B5);
Lawrence Burgan (b) Don Michaels (d);
Danny Barrajanos (cga);
Carmen Costa (vcl on A2,4, B1,4, perc)

Recorded in New York, September/October 1963

01 Recado [Recado Bossa Nova] (Djalma Ferreira) 3:50
02 Bossa Nova New York [Bossa Nova York] (Don Madrid / Jose Paulo) 3:45 play
03 Sambolero (João Donato) 2:30
04 The Same To You (Don Madrid / Jose Paulo) 2:20
05 Some Day (Lionel Hampton / J. McAdam) 3:40
06 Palhacada (Haroldo Barbosa / Luiz Reis) 2:25
07 Estranho (Lionel Hampton / Teo Macero) 2:40
08 Bossanova Jazz (Lionel Hampton) 3:24
09 Una Nota Sol [sic] [Samba de Uma Nota So] (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça) 2:58
10 Saint Thomas (Sonny Rollins, arr. Lionel Hampton) 4:40

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