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jueves, 1 de junio de 2017

Tom Conway • No Fixed Adress

Tom Conway is the lead guitarist for Maui-based "Gypsy Pacific", an acoustic jazz quartet specializing in gypsy jazz. This CD features all original, highly creative compostions in the gypsy jazz style penned by Conway.
"One of the first bands to grab my attention on Maui was the band Gypsy Pacific. I have been a fan of Django Reinhardt since I first heard him & Stephane Grapelli with the Hot Club Band from France. Tom Conway and his band play Djangos music right along side the other great Django bands - they can hold their own...and more! I know Django would be proud that his music is so elegantly presented on the island of Maui & now for the rest of the world. Tom Conways "No Fixed Address" is a great CD."
- Willie Nelson

1. Mystery in Morocco
2. Petroglyph
3. Black Forest Jam
4. Mirage
5. No Fixed Address
6. French Kiss
7. Maui Mango
8. Coconut Wireless
9. Fer-de-lance
10. Rainblossom
11. Shadow of a Leprechaun
12. Red Ginger
13. Capricorn Rising

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