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lunes, 26 de junio de 2017

Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom • After Midnight Grooves

Organist Ron Levy burns it strong on this sweet new set – hitting a groove that's slightly different from his straighter soul jazz outings of recent years, in a mode that's a bit like some of the fuller 70s albums made by organists! There's some really nice touches in the arrangements in the set – classing things up like some of the best keyboard soul jazz on the bigger labels, with a feel that's a bit like mid 70s work by Johnny Hammond, Jimmy Smith, or Charles Earland at times. Players on the set include Karl Denson and Melvin Sparks, and tracks include "Slinky", "Like Back In The Day", "Keepin Up The Love", "Just The Way It Went", and "Groovin Wichu".
Dusty Groove

01. After Midnight Groove
02. Groovin' Wichu
03. Just the Way It Went
04. Like Back in the Day
05. Slinky
06. Keepin' Up the Love
07. Back at the Levshack

Ron Levy – composer, producer, organ, piano, electric pianos, vibes, strings, basses, clavinet, arranging & programming
Melvin Sparks – guitar on 'Groovin', 'After Midnight', & 'Just The Way'
Karl Denson – alto, tenor sax & flute
Jeff Lockhart - guitar on 'Like Back In The Day' & 'Keepin' Up The Love'
Russ Lawton - percussion, drums, tambourine
Yahuba Garcia - congas, timbales
Adrome "Acidman" MacHine - drums, percussion & trumpet
Arkady Beletsky - cello
special guest: "Sax" Gordon Beadle - baritone sax on 'After Midnigh

Release Date 2004
Duration 55:13
Genre Blues Jazz
Styles Jazz Blues

Release Date 2004
Duration 55:13
Genre Blues Jazz
Styles Jazz Blues

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