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lunes, 5 de junio de 2017

Lori Bell • The Music of Djavan

Excelente flautista, que se reparte entre la música clásica y el jazz como en esta grabación en la que reinterpreta a Djavan.


Review by Ken Dryden
Flautist Lori Bell explores the music of Brazilian composer Djavan in this rewarding studio session. Bell is a gifted player who doesn't resort to hot-dogging on her instrument, she is interested in getting each song's melody across without theatrics. She and pianist Tamir Hendelman (a brilliant up-and-coming player) arranged the quartet selections. The leader's lyricism is magnificent in "A Ilha (The Island")." The breezy contemporary setting of "Serrado" features an overdubbed flute in the introduction, with the leader joyfully propelled by the rhythm section. The hip samba "Luz (Light)" will appeal to smooth jazz fans who want to expand their musical horizons. Vocalist/percussionist Anna Gazolla adds an enticing, sexy vocal to "Capim." Orchestrations by Kuno Schmid are featured in three songs, with one of them, "Faltando Um Pedaço (Missing a Piece)" adding guest Angelo Metz on guitar. Recommended.

1. Jogral (Djavan) 05:45
2. A Ilha (The Island) (Djavan) 06:28
3. Alibi (Djavan) 05:59
4. Serrado (Djavan) 07:15
5. Liberdade (Liberty) (Djavan) 04:13
6. Luz (Light) (Djavan) 04:48
7. Nobreza (Nobility) (Djavan) 05:53
8. Obi (Djavan) 07:28
9. Canto da Lyra (Song of the Lyre) (Djavan) 06:33
10. Capim (Djavan) 06:11
11. Faltando Um Pedaço (Missing a Piece) (Djavan) 07:39

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