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viernes, 2 de junio de 2017

Lazy Lester • Poor Boy Blues

Review by Rose of Sharon Witmer [-]
After two decades away from the music scene, Lazy Lester has been making up for lost time with a spate of recordings. Why was he away from the music all that time? According to Lazy Lester, he just did not feel like playing. The guitarist turned harmonica player from Baton Rouge, LA, made a name for himself playing with Lightnin' Slim. Lazy Lester called his style of playing swamp blues. It's a lot like the blues of Chicago, but steamier, like the country from where it originates. Leslie Johnson's moniker of Lazy Lester was given to him by record producer Jay Miller, who noted the lackadaisical attitude of the harpist. Lazy Lester, sounding like a meditation master, says that he is never in a hurry because it is easier on the system. But when he plays the harmonica, he sounds anything but laid-back. Since his comeback in 1988, Lester has been fronting his own bands in live concerts and on recordings, and he has proved to be anything but lazy in his recording schedule since his return to performing the blues. His high-energy, soulful harmonica growls out the blues with passion and authority. His recordings All Over You and Blues Stop Knockin' won accolades from the critics. His release Poor Boy Blues may be his best CD. Featured are some of the artist's best-known tunes, such as "The Same Thing Could Happen to You" and the title cut, "Poor Boy Blues." He reaches back in time for a reprise of his classic "I Hear You Knockin'." "You Got Me Where You Want Me" drives hard, "Sugar Coated Love" still has its edge, and "Sad Sad City" is the blues personified. Lazy Lester is a living legend. This recording shows why.


01. Poor Boy Blues (2:46)
02. A Woman (2:25)
03. The Same Thing (2:15)
04. I'm So Glad (2:32)
05. Sugar-coated Love (2:31)
06. Patrol Wagon (2:29)
07. Sad Sad City (2:03)
08. I Hear You Knockin' (2:15)
09. Now It's Time (2:13)
10. Ain't Nothin' In This World (2:08)
11. You Got Me Were You Want Me (2:45)
12. You Gonna Lose Your Head (2:22)

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