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viernes, 2 de junio de 2017

Herbie Mann • Push Push

Track List
"Push Push" (Herbie Mann)
"What's Going On" (Renaldo Benson, Alfred Cleveland, Marvin Gaye)
"Spirit In The Dark" (Aretha Franklin)
"Man's Hope" (traditional, arrangement by Herbie Mann, based on "Hatikvah"
"If" (David Gates)
"Never Can Say Goodbye" (Clifton Davis)
"What'd I Say" (Ray Charles)
"Funky Nassau" (CD bonus track)

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8 comentarios:

  1. Hi again :)

    I have something but in poor quality

    Chema Vilchez - Jazz Duets (With John Stowell) (1997)
    Damian Erskine - So To Speak (2010)
    Damian Erskine Releases “Within Sight” (2015)

    Maybe You can find it in no less than 320kb ? :)

    PS.Do You know Nadishana Trio?Also hard to find

    1. Nadishana Trio – Far&Near

  2. Far&Near I alredy have :) but thanks.

  3. I also need
    Moisés P. Sanchez Trio ‎– Ritual
    Pedro Andrea...
    Do You know him??

  4. Gracias por este disco es extraordinario, lo tengo en lp.