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martes, 6 de junio de 2017

Herbie Mann • Big Boss Mann

A1 Let's Boom Chitty Boom 3:21
A2 What'd I Say 4:51
A3 Senor Blues 3:50
A4 Bijou 3:25
A5 Jungle Fantasy 4:00
B1 Watermelon Man 4:05
B2 Interlude 4:10
B3 The Jive Samba 5:00
B4 Ave Maria Morena 4:35
B5 Manteca 4:35

Bass – Bobby Rodriguez, Earl May
Bass Clarinet – Danny Bank
Percussion – Carlos "Potato" Valdes, Carlos Diaz (8), José Luis Mangual, Rafael De Vila, Raymond Sardinis, Tommy Lopez, Willie Bobo, Willie Rodriguez
Piano – Charlie Palmieri, Chick Corea
Saxophone – Jimmy Heath
Trombone – Jack Hitchcock, Mark Weinstein
Trombone [Bass] – Quentin Jackson, Tony Studd
Trumpet – Carmell Jones, Ernie Royal, Jerry Kail, Joe Newman
Vibraphone – Dave Pike
Flute – Herbie Mann

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