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Frank Frost • Harpin' On It

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
WestSide's 13-track collection Harpin' on It: The Complete Jewel Recordings compiles all of the songs Frank Frost cut for the Louisiana label in the mid-'60s. While these sides aren't as down-and-dirty as his earlier material for Sun, they're still enjoyable, revved-up juke joint blues. If anything, he stretches the form a little bit here, getting a little funkier with the rhythms, a little rockier in the guitar, and all the production sounds a bit more modern, more like the mid-'60s (which, ironically enough, means it doesn't sound as timeless as his earlier recordings). Throughout it all, Frost's great harp is front and center, and his playing is always first-rate, even when the material is a little pedestrian. Fortunately, he hit the mark more often than not while on Jewel -- most notably on instrumentals, plus the great Slim Harpo takeoff, "My Back Scratcher" -- which is why this is worth hearing.


1. My Back Scratcher 2:39
2. Harp And Soul 2:54
3. Pocket Full Of Money 2:23
4. Things To Do 2:32
5. Harpin' On It 2:57
6. Five Long Years 3:34
7. Ride With Your Daddy Tonight 2:37
8. Got My Mojo Working 2:50
9. Feel Good Babe 2:29
10. Janie On My Mind 3:22
11. Never Leave Me At Home 2:24
12. Didn't Mean No Harm 3:59
13. Pretty Baby 2:15

Label: Westside Records Release Date: Jun 26, 2002

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