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martes, 13 de junio de 2017

Buddy Rich & Max Roach • Rich Versus Roach

Review by Scott Yanow
The idea probably looked good on paper. Why not combine Buddy Rich's Quintet of 1959 (which consisted of altoist Phil Woods, trombonist Willie Dennis, pianist John Bunch and bassist Phil Leshin) with Max Roach's band of the time (consisting of trumpeter Tommy Turrentine, tenor saxophonist Stanley Turrentine, trombonist Julian Priester and bassist Bobby Boswell)? This CD reissues all of the music (including four "new" alternate takes) but the excess of drum solos and the relative brevity of space given to the horns results in a great deal of sameness from track to track. An unexpected bore.

1. Sing, Sing, Sing (Previously Unissued Alternate Take) 4:24
2. Sing, Sing, Sing 4:12
3. The Casbah 4:30
4. The Casbah (Previously Unissued Alternate Take) 5:01
5. Sleep 3:21
6. Figure Eights 4:33
7. Yesterdays 5:44
8. Big Foot 5:03
9. Big Foot (Previously Unissued Alternate Take) 5:17
10. Limehouse Blues 3:57
11. Limehouse Blues (Previously Unissued Alternate Take) 3:46
12. Toot, Toot, Tootsie Goodbye 3:57

Left Channel
Buddy Rich - Drums
Willie Dennis - Trombone
Phil Woods - Sax (Alto)
John Bunch - Piano
Phil Leshin - Bass

Right Channel
Max Roach - Drums
Bobby Boswell - Bass
Julian Priester - Trombone
Tommy Turrentine - trumpet
Stanley Turrentine - Sax (tenor)
Gigi Gryce - Arranger

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