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The Prestige Blues-Swingers • Outskirts of Town

Review by Brandon Burke
Of the many mid-'50s Prestige jam sessions, Outskirts of Town is probably one of the more successful. If nothing else, it features a handful of players who did not record together on a regular basis. The all-star lineup featured, among others, Art Farmer, Idrees Sulieman, Jerome Richardson, Pepper Adams, Ray Bryant, Tiny Grimes, and Osie Johnson. Richardson and tenor man Jimmy Forrest are particularly exciting and take the set's opener, "I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town," to unexpected heights, given the tune's mellow opening bars. As one might guess, uptempo and midtempo blues numbers dominate the program here, and the accompaniment of the 11-piece ensemble lends many of these tunes a hot Midwestern Basie vibe.

Art Farmer, Idrees Sulieman - trumpets
Buster Cooper - trombone
Jerome Richardson - alto saxophone, flute
Jimmy Forrest - tenor saxophone
Pepper Adams - baritone saxophone
Ray Bryant - piano
Tiny Grimes - guitar
Wendell Marshall - bass
Osie Johnson - drums
Jerry Valentine - arranger

01. I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town
02. Blue Flute
03. Blues A-Swingin'
04. Jelly Jelly
05. Sent for You Yesterday and Here You Come Today
06. I Wanna Blow, Blow, Blow

The Prestige Blues-Swingers Catalog
The Prestige Blues-Swingers
Art Farmer, Idrees Sulieman (trumpet) George "Buster" Cooper (trombone) Jerome Richardson (alto saxophone, flute) Jimmy Forrest (tenor saxophone) Pepper Adams (baritone saxophone) Ray Bryant (piano) Tiny Grimes (guitar) Wendell Marshall (bass) Osie Johnson (drums) Jerry Valentine (arranger)
Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, August 29, 1958
1571 Sent For You Yesterday Prestige PRLP 7145
1572 Blue Flute Prestige 45-132, PRLP 7145
1573 I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town -
1574 I Wanna Blow, Blow, Blow Prestige PRLP 7145
1575 Jelly Jelly -
1576 Blues A-Swingin' -

* Prestige PRLP 7145, PR 7787; Original Jazz Classics OJC 1717, OJCCD 1717-2 The Prestige Blues-Swingers - Outskirts Of Town
* Prestige 45-132 The Prestige Blues-Swingers - Outskirts Of Town / Blue Flute

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