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Roy Hogsed • Cocaine Blues

Si bien encuadrado en el Honky Tonk, sub-género del denominado western-swing, este cd no deja de sorprender los sutiles contactos que tiene con el blues, jazz, R&B y el algunos casos de lo que en un futuro será llamado R'N'R. Roy Hogsed [1919-1978] grabó tan sólo alrededor de 55 temas, no logró mayor éxito fuera de California, siendo en la actualidad considerado uno de los mayores exponentes de este estilo, estilo que nos puede gustar o no pero que a mi modo de ver sería interesante conocer.

Roy Hogsed
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Roy Hogsed (born December 24, 1919 in Flippin, Arkansas; died March 1978) was an American country music and rockabilly singer. He is best known for his song "Cocaine Blues", which he took to number 15 on the country music charts in 1948.[1] Although he was active in the music business for only seven years, "Cocaine Blues" has been widely covered.

Track Listings
1. Ain't A Bump In The Road
2. Daisy Mae
3. Let Your Pendulum Swing
4. Shuffleboard Shuffle
5. Cocaine Blues
6. Snake Dance Boogie
7. She's A Mean Mean Woman
8. Free Samples
9. Let's Go Dancin'
10. Red Wing
11. Red Silk Stockings And Green Perfume
12. Stretchin' A Point Or Two
13. Roll 'em Dice
14. Baby Won't You Settle Down
15. Too Many Chiefs Not Enough Indians
16. I'm Gonna Get Along Without You
17. Do You Call That A Sweetheart
18. I Wish I Wuz
19. Fishtail Boogie
20. Who Wrote That Letter To John
21. So Cold So Dead So Soon
22. Hot Rod
23. It's More Fun That Way
24. Orange Blossom Special
25. I'm Hurtin' Again
26. Put Some Sugar In Your Shoes
27. Where Has My Little Love Gone
28. Flat Top
29. Tonight I'm All Alone
30. Who PPTTTobacky
31. Paco Tempo
32. Yes He Did
33. Gonna Build A Fence Round You

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