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lunes, 3 de abril de 2017

John Patton • Minor Swing

Review by Al Campbell
An organ trio fronted by an avant-garde alto saxophonist like John Zorn isn't usually a combination associated with groove oriented soul-jazz. Luckily, on Minor Swing, organist Big John Patton and John Zorn encourage taking chances and opening the music up, while not going so far out as to overwhelm the intended fundamental groove. Zorn sounds comfortable and content, always maintaining his individuality, taking a cue from tenor saxophonist Harold Alexander who played in a similar "out" style on Patton's 1968 session for Blue Note, Boogaloo. Patton's second comeback date of the '90s features Zorn with Ed Cherry (guitar) and Kenny Wollesen (drums) on six originals and Larry Young's "Tyrone." Patton and Zorn embrace Young's influence by employing elements of harder edged post bop that a large portion of groove-soul organ players tend to avoid. Although these sessions may be harder to obtain than his Blue Note dates, the '90s DIW and Evidence releases are highly recommended.

Alto Saxophone – John Zorn
Drums – Kenny Wollesen
Guitar – Ed Cherry
Organ – John Patton

1 The Way I Feel 12:05
2 Tyrone 6:32
3 Minor Swing 8:36
4 The Rock 6:27
5 Along Cam John 5:14
6 Lite Hit 7:14
7 B Men Thel 7:27

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