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viernes, 28 de abril de 2017

Jean Paul Amouroux • Nothin' But Boogie Woogie

01 Boogin' In Versailles
02 Lorraine Boogie Woogie
03 Champelle Boulevard Boogie
04 Villers Boogie Woogie
05 Blues For The Girl Of My Life
06 Fast Boogie For Veronique
07 Neuilly Boogie Woogie
08 Dedication To Veronique
09 A Girl From Nancy
10 Slow Blues For Veronique
11 Half Quarter Boogie
12 Megeve Boogie Woogie
13 Five Streets Boogie
14 Medium Boogie For Vero
15 Blues For A Wonderful Girl
16 Savoie Boogie Train
17 Veronique Special
18 April 18th Boogie
19 1962 Boogie
20 Happy Boogie For Veronique

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