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domingo, 2 de abril de 2017

Buddy Cole • Power House

LP review
"A powerhouse," wrote a sixth-grader who had visited one the dav before, "is a big place where everything is going around and around and making lots of power .so the whole town will get lit up."
That isn't a bad description of this Buddy Cole album. The record¬ing studio was a pretty big place. Buddy and his two cohorts were going in all directions with hands, feet, and musical notes. And if the pulsating power they generated doesn't light up the town, then nothing will.
Buddy's powerhouse approach to the electric organ has been heard before. But in this session something else has been added. "We wore a little braver," says Buddy, trying to pinpoint this subtle jc nr ,sais quoi. "We kind of didn't give a damn."
Though Buddy's self-evaluation may never-crack Bartlett's "Quo¬tations" as one of the significant statements of our times, it does do a job of explaining the vitality that sparks this album. Buddy's status as a swinging musician has long ago been established and often recounted. So history can be skipped. What's more important is that Buddy has added to his other accomplishment.* by developing a large and striking talent at the keyboard of the electric organ. Leaving cocktail-bar capers far behind. Buddy spreads out those swinging fingers into chordal patterns that begin to sound like sections in a big jazz band. Up-tempo or down, pretty or bold, it all comes out hip and happy, unmistakably Buddy Cole.
Buddy's playing reflects taste as well as talent, and the same can be said for his selection of tunes. As a theme song, he resurrects Raymond Scott's Poiverhouse. then lets the current start flowing through a batch of favorites. Duke Ellington heads the list of com¬posers with three tunes to his credit: 1 Let n Sung Go Out of My Heart. Don't Get Around Much Any Mure, and I'm Beginning to See the Light.
Then come songs by such talents as Hoagy Carmichael, Matt Dennis, Cole Porter, Vernon Duke, Richard Rodgers, and others. An original by Buddy. Fulfillment, rounds out the dozen. With Buddy generating his particular brand of jazz, they turn out to be a power¬house dozen, indeed.
As the little boy said, "The whole tow will get lit up."

A1 The Lady Is A Tramp
A2 I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart
A3 What Is There To Say
A4 Ridin' High
A5 Georgia On My Mind
A6 Just You, Just Me
B1 I'm Beginning To See The Light
B2 Will You Still Be Mine?
B3 Fulfillment
B4 Don't Get Around Much Anymore
B5 Powerhouse
B6 Accent On Youth

Label: Warner Bros. Records ‎– WS 1310, Warner Bros. Records ‎– 1310
Released: 1959

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