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miércoles, 29 de marzo de 2017

James Taylor Quartet • The Money Spyder

Think of The Money Spyder as the soundtrack to the coolest '60s international spy movie never made. Go-go Fender guitars and Hammond organ race from beginning to end. From the title track, with its mysterious piano line, to the urgent, fuzz-infested "Car Chase," we can pretty easily dream up a story line. From Carnaby Street we travel to the arms of an exotic double agent ("The Spiral Staircase"), only to end up somewhere in Spain for the final showdown ("Buzy Bee"). Ah, they don't make flicks like this anymore. --Percy Keegan

Track Listings 1. The Money Spyder
2. One Way Street
3. Car Chase
4. The Spiral Staircase
5. Mr. Cool's Dream
6. A Real Mean Time
7. The Onion Club
8. The Stroll
9. 'Los Cuevos Pablo'
10. Midnight Stomp (The New Rhumba)
11. Buzy Bee
12. In The Park

Year: 1987

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