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miércoles, 22 de marzo de 2017

Dan Baraszu & Dave Ellington • Organ Trio

Guitarist Dan Baraszu and Organist Dave Ellington team up with this latest Blue Canoe release titled, “Organ Trio”. This CD has an amazing array of original tunes (with the exception of a Quincy Jones cover) that will inspire the traditional jazz fan and novice alike.

01. Road Rage
02. The Doodah Man
03. Circles
04. Shirley's Scott It!
05. Dominant Curve
06. For Us
07. Creature of Ill Temper
08. Slipslider
09. Smudge
10. Blues for Leigh
11. Soul Bossa Nova

Dan Baraszu: guitar
Dave Ellington: organ
Marlon Patton: drums

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