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martes, 24 de enero de 2017

Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom • Funky Soul Grooves

Review by Michael Erlewine
Ron Levy is one of the finest young masters of the Hammond B-3. Here are 11 soul-satisfying cuts that feature Levy's funky keyboard playing -- many written by Levy himself. Those who look for B-3 jams in the soul-jazz vein that are as funky as can be will not be disappointed. This is a great CD to own.

1. Organ Colossus
2. Chillin' Out
3. The Soulside
4. Better Save Yoseff
5. Inbetween / the Prince
6. Like, Like Dope
7. Slinky
8. Like Back in the Day
9. Funk Finger
10. Hittin' It Hahd & Sweet
11. Finding My Way
12. Greaze Is What's Good
13. Meter Made

Release Date: 1992
Duration: 51:06
Genre: Blues, Jazz
Styles: Modern Electric Blues, Soul Jazz, Jazz Blues, Soul-Blues
Recording Date: 1992

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