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lunes, 9 de enero de 2017

J.B. Lenoir • J.B. Lenoir

1. Lou Ella (2:33)
2. Back Door (2:16)
3. Oh Baby (2:23)
4. Do What I Say (2:15)
5. The Mojo Boogie (2:56)
6. Slow Down Woman (2:51)
7. I Want My Baby (2:49)
8. Now Can I Leave (3:08)
9. Mama, Talk To Your Daughter (2:01)
10. Fine Girls (2:41)
11. Mama, Your Daughter Is Gonna Miss Me (2:07)
12. I'll Die Tryin' (3:14)
13. I Feel So Good (2:14)

J.B. Lenoir, Junior Wells, Ernest Cotton, Joe Montgomery, Jesse Fowler, Alex Atkins, J.T. Brown, Sunnyland Slim, Alfred Wallace, Lorenzo Smith, Al Galvins, Jarrett Gibson, Lafayette Leake, Milton Hector, Willie Smith.

Vinyl Rip
Tracks recorded 1952-1963.
Python Records PLP-25 (U.K. 1972)

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