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Dr. Lonnie Smith • Move Your Hand

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Move Your Hand was recorded live at Club Harlem in Atlantic City on August 9, 1969. Organist Lonnie Smith led a small combo -- featuring guitarist Larry McGee, tenor saxist Rudy Jones, bari saxist Ronnie Cuber, and drummer Sylvester Goshay -- through a set that alternated originals with two pop covers, the Coasters' "Charlie Brown" and Donovan's "Sunshine Superman." Throughout, the band works a relaxed, bluesy, and, above all, funky rhythm; they abandon improvisation and melody for a steady groove, so much that the hooks of the two pop hits aren't recognizable until a few minutes into the track. No one player stands out, but Move Your Hand is thoroughly enjoyable, primarily because the group never lets their momentum sag throughout the session. Though the sound of the record might be somewhat dated, the essential funk of the album remains vital.

1. "Charlie Brown" (Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller) - 8:26
2. "Layin' in the Cut" - 10:11
3. "Move Your Hand" - 9:01
4. "Sunshine Superman" (Donovan Leitch) - 10:16
5. "Dancin' in an Easy Groove" - 11:56

    Lonnie Smith - organ, vocals
    Rudy Jones - tenor saxophone
    Ronnie Cuber - baritone saxophone
    Larry McGee - guitar
    Sylvester Goshay - drums

Released: 1969
Recorded:    August 9, 1969
Genre: Jazz
Length: 37:35
Label: Blue Note

Recorded at Club Harlem in Atlantic City, New Jersey on August 9, 1969

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