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jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2016

Wes Montgomery • The Montgomeryland Sessions

This release contains the complete classic albums The Montgomery Brothers & Five Others (1958), Montgomeryland (1959) and Wes, Buddy & Monk (1958). Also included are all the songs featuring solos by Wes Montgomery from the LPs Kismet (1958) and A Good Git Together (1959) and, as a final bonus, a rare 1955 Montgomery Brothers version of Love for Sale appearing here on CD for the first time ever - taken from a long out of print compilation LP called appropriately, Almost Forgotten.


1 - Finger Pickin' (Montgomery)  2:30
2 - Sound Carrier (Montgomery)  6:55
3 - Lois Ann (Montgomery)  4:44
4 - Bud's Beaux Arts (Montgomery)  7:31
5 - Bock to Bock (Montgomery)  10:07
6 - All the Things You Are (Hammerstein, Kern)  3:57
7 - Billie's Bounce (Parker)  4:40
8 - Far Wes (Montgomery)  5:55
9 - Leila (Montgomery)  3:30
10 - Old Folks (Hill, Robison)  6:38
11 - Wes' Tune (Montgomery)  4:11
12 - Hymn for Carl (Land)  4:37
13 - Montgomeryland Funk (Montgomery)  4:03
14 - Stompin' at the  Savoy (Goodman, Razaf, Sampson, Webb)  4:24
15 - Love for Sale (Porter)  3:42 (*)
Total time: 77:44 min.
(*) First time on CD.

1 - Summertime (Gershwin, Gershwin, Heyward )  4:53
2 - Monk's Shop (Montgomery)  3:58
3 - Falling in Love With Love (Hart, Rodgers)  6:16
4 - Renie (Montgomery)  3:33
5 - Ouverture (Wright, Forrest)  6:40
6 - And this is My Beloved (Wright, Forrest)  6:18
7 - Fate (Wright, Forrest)  5:01
8 - Stranger in Paradise (Borodin, Forrest, Wright) 4:54
9 - Baubles, Bangles and Beads (Forrest, Wright) 3:27
10 - Not Since Nineveh (Forrest, Wright) 7:24
11 - A Good Git Together (Hendricks)  3:42
12 - Feed Me (Hendricks)  3:49
13 - Music in the Air (Hendricks, Gryce)  3:57
14 - Pretty Strange (Hendricks, Weston)  2:53
15 - The Shouter (Hendricks, Malhones)  5:03
16 - Social Call (Hendricks, Gryce)  2:22
17 - Out of the Past (Hendricks, Golson)  4:54
Total time: 79:08 min.

Wes Montgomery (g), Monk Montgomery (b), Buddy Montgomery (vib, p), Freddie Hubbard (tp), Harold Land, Alonzo Johnson, Wayman Atkinson (ts), Pony Poindexter (as), Joe Bradley (p), Paul Parker, Louis Hayes (d)

CD 1:
Tracks #1-7 originally issued as "The Montgomery Brothers & Five Others" (World Pacific WP 1240). Personnel: Wes Montgomery (g), Freddie Hubbard (tp), Wayman Atkinson, Alonzo Johnson (ts), Buddy Montgomery (vib), Joe Bradley (p), Monk Montgomery (b) and Paul Parker (d). Recorded in Indianapolis, Indiana, on December 30, 1957.
Tracks #8-14 originally issued as "Montgomeryland" (Pacific Jazz PJ 5). Personnel: Wes Montgomery (g), Harold Land (ts), Buddy Montgomery (p), Monk Montgomery (b) and Tony Bazley (d). Recorded in Los Angeles, on April 18, 1958.
Track #15 taken from the various artist compilation "Almost Forgotten" (Columbia FC 38509). Personnel: Alonzo Johnson (ts), Buddy Montgomery (p), Wes Montgomery (g), Monk Montgomery (b) and Robert Johnson (d). Recorded in New York City, on June 15, 1955.

CD 2:
Tracks #1-4 also from Pony "The Montgomeryland" LP. Personnel: Wes Montgomery (g), Poindexter (as), Buddy Montgomery (p), Monk Montgomery (b) and Louis Hayes (d). Recorded in Los Angeles, on October 1, 1959.
Tracks #5-10 taken from Mastersounds' "Kismet" (World Pacific WP 1243). Personnel: Monk Montgomery (b, ldr), Wes Montgomery (g), Buddy Montgomery (vib), Richie Crabtree (p) and Benny Barth (d). Recorded at Forum Theatre, in Los Angeles, on April 22, 1958.
Tracks #11-17 taken from John Hendricks' "A Good Git-Together" (World Pacific WP 1283). Personnel: Pony Poindexter (as, vo), Gildo Mahones (p), Wes Montgomery (g), Monk Montgomery (b), Walter Bolden (d) and Jon Hendricks (vcl). Recorded at Fugazi Hall, in San Francisco, October, 1959.

"Rarely does an LP rate the four-star bit for the playing of just one musician on the album, but this one does. The man who does this is the phenomenal Wes Montgomery. Yes phenomenal. I feel that Montgomery is not just the best thing to happen to jazz guitar since Charlie Christian, as Ralph Gleason says, but the best thing to happen to jazz guitar, period! This album can be summed up in three words: Wes Montgomery, yeah!"
Don DeMicheal -Down Beat (1958)

-Mastersounds' Kismet
"Wes Montgomery's only featured appearance on a Mastersounds album has been excerpted here and there on LP and CD but never reissued in its entirety; this is both difficult and easy to understand. With such a relatively small discography for a jazz giant, you would think that EMI, the current owners of this tape, would rush to put the whole thing out. On the other hand, the score of Kismet -- based on confectionery adaptations of melodies by Russian composer Alexander Borodin -- has worn out its welcome over the decades, and the Mastersounds interpretations sometimes border on lounge-ish run-throughs of the tunes (with corny "gong" smashes). Nevertheless, the album gives us a good look at Montgomery when he was just about to break out of Indianapolis. Often when he appears, whether solo or on rhythm, he gives the group a kick that takes it out of a sedate MJQ mindset. He is especially lively and swinging on "Not Since Nineveh," "Baubles Bangles and Beads," and "Stranger in Paradise." Yet even when he doesn't ignite the band, his performances are always worth hearing."
Richsrd S. Ginell -All Music Guide

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