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jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Red Prysock • The Big Sound Of Red Prysock

Wilburt Prysock (February 2, 1926 – July 19, 1993)[1] known as Red Prysock, was an American rhythm and blues tenor saxophonist, one of the early Coleman Hawkins-influenced saxophonists to move in the direction of rhythm and blues, rather than bebop.
While with Tiny Grimes and his Rocking Highlanders, Prysock staged a memorable sax battle with Benny Golson on "Battle of the Mass". He first gained attention as a member of Tiny Bradshaw's band, playing the lead sax solo on his own composition "Soft", which was a hit for the Bradshaw band in 1952. He also played with Roy Milton and Cootie Williams.
In 1954, he signed with Mercury Records as a bandleader, and had his biggest hit, the R&B instrumental "Hand Clappin'" in 1955. That same year, he joined the band that played at Alan Freed's stage shows. He also played on several hit records by his brother, the singer Arthur Prysock, in the 1960s.[citation needed]
Prysock, who was born in 1926 in Greensboro, North Carolina, died of a heart attack in 1993 in Chicago, at the age of 67. He served in the United States Army during World War II and was buried at the Salisbury National Cemetery in Salisbury, North Carolina.

Liner Notes:
Whatever the term you prefer for his music ... basic, emotional. . . it has by now spread ¡ts own influence throughout Europe, Japan and countries throughout the world but - wherever it's played, it's the one and only Red Prysock. The power of Prysock’s beat has many sources. You can hear ¡t ¡n the Gospel songs of today, and you can hear an echo of It when you listen to the Oíd New Orleans musicians playing as they dld In the Uptown New Orleans Dance Halls in the early part of this century. This ¡s the music that has ¡ts roots in three centuries of American work-songs, play-songs and Blues. Listen and enjoy the "Big Sound Of Red Prysock” for Red really plays the Blues and he plays it tough.
Red Prysock, who first became widely known by his tenor solo on Tiny Bradshaw's record of Soft, has for many years been an outstanding leader in his own right. Red grew up in Greensboro, N. C. His brother, incidentally, is the established singer, Arthur Prysock. Before joining Tlny Bradshaw, Red gained experience with the Bands of Cootie Williams and Tiny Grimes. Now Red and His Orchestra are playing college dates across the U.S.A. and Cañada.

A1 Another You    
A2 Flamingo    
A3 Castle Rock    
B1 Locomotion    
B2 Jive Five    
B3 Monkey Business    
B4 Second Time Around

Sello: Forum Circle ‎– FCS-9083
Fecha: 1964
Género: Jazz, Funk / Soul
Estilo: Bop, Rhythm & Blues

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