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jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Bruce Katz Band • Live! At The Firefly

Led by the critically acclaimed pianist and Hammond B-3 organist Bruce Katz, the Bruce Katz Band plays unique instrumental music that explores many aspects of American roots styles while never losing its blues spirit and feeling. This powerful four-piece band blends guitar and B-3 organ into a sound that is modern and yet traditional at its core. ''Live! At The Firefly'' is the band's sixth CD and finest album yet. The twelve-song live album is performed by the regular touring members of the band. It is evident from hearing the explosive musical dynamics on this album that this is a group of musicians who has developed its own sound from playing together for a long time. Eleven of the tunes are originals, eight being brand-new and 3 fan favorites. While the individual performances are all brilliant, the album excels as a group effort, with each song telling a story with layers of depth and melody. For many years he accompanied Ronnie Earl and Mighty Sam on their way to blues stardom. With his own band, Bruce performs and exciting blend of deep jazz, grooving and swinging and lowdown blues. He's one of the very best blues organ players, worldwide. Also, he's equally good when playign the blues on the grand piano. Recommended!
This is the Bruce Katz Band's best and most exciting CD yet - which makes sense because it is a "live" CD. It's all instrumental, and it doesn't need lyrics to say what it wants to say. From Bruce's solo piano piece (Southern Route) to absolutely killer Hammond B3 shuffle grooves, funky soul jazz and deep slow blues tunes, this CD will blow you away. His guitarist Chris Vitarello is a monster player and the rhythm section really knows how to groove.(~Amazon customer Review)

01 - Deep Pockets [5:17]
02 - Better Get It In Your Soul [6:22]
03 - The Blue Lamp [7:39]
04 - Jump Start [4:13]
05 - Ice Cream Man [6:45]
06 - Southern Route [5:04]
07 - Bugged Out [4:42]
08 - Marshall County [5:19]
09 - Crew Of Two [5:01]
10 - Norton's Boogie [5:17]
11 - Victoria [6:10]
12 - Brother Steve [4:06]

Bruce Katz - Organ B3, Piano
Chris Vitarello - guitar
Rod Care - bass
Ralph Rosen - drums

Released: 2008
Label: Vizztone/Brown Dog music
Time: 65:55
Styles: Piano Jazz,Blues

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