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viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2016

Big Jay McNeely • Road House Boogie

A1 Blow Big Jay    
A2 Road House Boogie    
A3 Willie The Cool Cat    
A4 Midnight Dreams    
A5 Hoppin' With Hunter    
A6 K & H Boogie    
A7 Gingercake    
A8 Boogie In Front    
B1 Junie Flip    
B2 Jaysfrantic    
B3 Real Crazy Cool    
B4 Tondalayo    
B5 Deac's Blowout    
B6 Let's Split    
B7 Just Crazy    
B8 Penthouse Serenade

Label: Saxophonograph ‎– BP-505
Genre: Blues
Style: Rhythm & Blues

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4 comentarios:

  1. Another file stolen from Be Bop Wino. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. Good morning Daddy. The situation would be as you say if I had taken the original download link and used it in this post. The music and books that are shared on the internet first I listen to it and if I agree with my taste and the spirit of the blog, I return to share it with own link, along with another own music, of which to be on the internet I do not consider myself Owner and I also share. For what I do not consider robbery, on the contrary it diffuses more that music that is generally little spread. Possibly I should mention the source, but in most cases I do not remember where it came from. In short I am a slob and affection to free will but not thief. But I will take the precautions of the case.

  2. Whether it's stealing/robbery or not - the fact is that at least half of your last 10 posts originated from Be Bop's site - one of them as recent as 24/11/2016 and you had it on your site 7 days later - if you can't recall downloading someone's work (it wasn't a real album) - listening to it - then uploading it yourself - over this period of time you have short-term memory loss and you need to see a doctor as quickly as possible.
    If you're going to reup others work at least give them the credit (all of it).

    1. Daddy: Well from your point of view you're right, mine is not like that, several albums that have originated in my blog have been repeated on other websites and blogs, and I've never really commented on those sites to believe me as an original uploader. That is my mistake: to be free will. It must be the Latin blood. Saludos.

      PD: espero haya sido traducido el comentario correctamente.