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martes, 15 de noviembre de 2016

Silas Hogan • Trouble - The Best Of The Excello Masters

This 26-track single-disc retrospective may not have every last alternate take extant on it, but you'll never need a better compilation mirroring Hogan's stay at the label. "Trouble At Home Blues," "I'm Gonna Quit You Pretty Baby" and "Here They Are Again" are just about as low down as Louisiana swamp blues gets and Jay Miller's studio sorcery is clearly on hand. ~ Rovi Staff
Every song is a blast. The info booklet introduced me to this amazing singer. The songs are fun to listen to and sing along with. If you are not in a good mood sitting down with this CD will soothe your soul and make you happy. Buy it and have a blast, you will not be sorry. ~ Michael Beck

01- I'm Gonna Quit You Pretty Baby (2:24)
02- Trouble At Home Blues (2:27)
003- You're Too Late Baby (2:09)
04- Airport Blues (2:37)
05- Go On Pretty Baby (2:22)
06- Here They Are Again (2:38)
07- Lonesome La La (2:10)
08- Roamin' Woman Blues (2:43)
09- I'm Goin' In The Valley (2:05)
10- Everybody Needs Somebody (2:35)
11- Just Give Me A Chance (2:24)
12- Dark Clouds Rollin' (2:48)
13- Early One Morning (2:53)
14- I'm In Love With You Baby (2:19)
15- More Trouble At Home (3:06)
16- Sittin' Here Wondering (3:05)
17- So Glad (2:20)
18- Every Saturday Night (2:26)
19- Baby Please Come Back To Me (2:51)
20- If I Ever Needed You Baby (3:01)
21- Out And Down Blues (2:54)
22- So Long Blues (3:04)
23- Lonesome La La (Alternate Version) (2:22)
24- I'm In Love With You Baby (Alternate Version) (2:27)
25- Sittin' Here Wondering (Alternate Version) (3:05)
26- I'm Goin' In The Valley (Alternate Version) (2:07)

Released: 1995
Label: Excello
Time: 67:34
Styles: Swamp Blues

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