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viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2016

Lucky Peterson • Ridin'

As a child prodigy, keyboardist and organist Lucky Peterson's exploits were legendary. The stories grew even more widespread as he became a teen and stints with Little Milton and Bobby "Blue" Bland only added to his fame. But Peterson's records have not always justified or reaffirmed his reputation. That is not the case with the cuts on this 1984 set, recently reissued by Evidence. The spiraling solos, excellent bridges, turnbacks, pedal maneuvers, and soulful accompaniment are executed with a relaxed edge and confident precision. If you have wondered whether Lucky Peterson deserves the hype and major label bonanza, these songs are the real deal. ~ Ron Wynn

01- Ridin' (5:00)
02- Don't Answer The Door (7:08)
03- Farther Up The Road (4:05)
04- Kinda Easy Like (5:29)
05- Baby What You Want Me To Do (6:25)
06- Green Onions (5:20)
07- Little Red Rooster (5:49)
08- You Don't Have To Go (4:09)

Released: 1993
Recorded: 1984
Label: Isabel
Time: 43:29
Styles: Blues

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