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lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2016

Joe Sample • Fancy Dance

1 Fancy Dance
2 The Children's Song
3 All the Lonely Years
4 Another Blues
5 Svenska Flicka
6 Old Town

Bass – Red Mitchell
Drums – J.C. Moses
Piano – Joe Sample

Release: 1969
Time: 37:43

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  1. I still get a kick out of your profile picture. You are "Ilya Kuragin" from Man From Uncle... I suppose this means u used to be a Russian Spy but your heart was to big to spread hate so you became a good guy working for some Multi-National (but since it was an American TV show-mostly American) Good Guys who are even more powerful than the KGB and the CIA combined. lol

    1. Sí, Illya Nickovitch Kuryakin.
      Personaje, misterioso y ambiguo, tocando un contrabajo. Recuerdos de una buena época, en la que en aquellas series los muertos por balazos no sangraban. :D
      Interesante tu análisis del perfil sicológico de Illya.