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Jimmy Smith • Fourmost

Organist Jimmy Smith has a reunion on this CD with his 30 plus-year associates tenor saxophonist Stanley Turrentine and guitarist Kenny Burrell along with drummer Grady Tate. Together they play spirited and creative versions of standards and blues. The highpoints include "Midnight Special," a swinging "Main Stem," Tate's warm vocal on "My Funny Valentine" and a lengthy rendition of "Quiet Nights." Suffice it to say that this all-star date reaches its potential and is easily recommended to fans of straightahead jazz.~Scott Yanow

Fourmost captures the collaborative efforts of drummer Grady Tate, tenor saxman Stanley Turrentine, long-time Smith guitarist Kenny Burrell and the master organist himself, as they groove through a sizzling live set. Recorded in 1990 at Fat Tuesday's in New York City, the show overflows with the kind of evocative, free-flowing yet tightly disciplined artistry one has come to expect from Smith. The soul that drips off tracks like "Midnight Special" and Burrell's own "Soulful Brothers," as filtered through Smith's mind-bending hand/foot work at the Hammond, Turrentine's pure, personal tone, and Burrell's swinging melodic lines, is enough to make a convert of just about anyone.
Even tired standards such as "Summertime" and "My Funny Valentine," as well as the two Ellington treatments ("Main Stem" and "Things Ain't What They Used To Be"), are resuscitated with new tempos, moods, and above all, blazing leads all around. The record's highlight may be "Quiet Night of Quiet Stars," a textured bossa nova jam that has Smith shouting "Oh, my God!" by the tune's end. With playing like this, there's a good chance listeners will be echoing Smith's sentiments.
Recorded live at Fat Tuesday's, New York, New York on November 16 & 17, 1990. Includes liner notes by Bill Cosby, Andrew Whist and Steve Blickstein.

01 - Midnight Special
02 - Main Stem
03 - Summertime
04 - Things Ain't What They Used to Be
05 - Soulful Brothers
06 - My Funny Valentine
07 - Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars
Jimmy Smith - Fourmost (1990)

personnel :
Organ - Jimmy Smith
Guitar - Kenny Burrell
Saxophone [Tenor] - Stanley Turrentine
Vocals, Drums - Grady Tate

Release: 1990
Label: Milestone [MCD-9184-2]
Genre: Jazz, Hard Bop
Total Time: 56:00
Recorded Live at Fat Tuesday's, New York City, November 16-17, 1990

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    2. Well, I am very glad that you have discovered this wonderful instrument, and just Green Onions was my first encounter with the Hammond.
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