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miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2016

Groove Holmes, Jimmy McGriff, Junior Parker • Troubadours Of Groove

"The Troubadours" are not actually a group, but these are three groovemeisters who made important individual contributions to the soul-jazz and R&B-blues movements. The four Jimmy McGriff and four Richard "Groove" Holmes' organ combo numbers are good but far from essential tracks in their careers. Two Junior Parker numbers are the same. It's hard to understand the concept behind the release of Troubadours of Groove, as many other recordings yield better music and more vital sessions than these. It's not a bad party record though, one time through. / Michael G. Nastos

1. Richard 'Groove' Holmes - Groove Grease
2. Richard 'Groove' Holmes - The Bird
3. Richard 'Groove' Holmes - Plain Brown Bag
4. Richard 'Groove' Holmes - Ain't It Funky Now
5. Jimmy McGriff - River's Invitation
6. Jimmy McGriff - Love Ain't Nothin' But A Business Goin' On
7. Jimmy McGriff - Night Glider
8. Jimmy McGriff - Fly Jack
9. Junior Parker - You've Got It Bad
10. Junior Parker - Red Onion

Styles: R&B, Soul- jazz
Year: 1996/2012
Time: 37:49

Everett Barksdale - guitar
Johnny Board - baritone saxophone, flute
Horace Ott - electric piano
Jimmy McGriff - organ
Murray Watson - trumpet
Lawrence Killian - percussion
Richard "Groove" Holmes
Junior Parker - vocals, harmonica
Richard Evans - bass
Horrace Ott - electric piano
Kliff Davis - tenor saxophone, flute
Marion J. Booker - drums
Wynne Bennett - guitar

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