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martes, 18 de octubre de 2016

Organ Freeman • Organ Freeman

You can’t help but grin when you hear that a band is named Organ Freeman. That grin turns into an all-out smile when you listen to their music, a soulful-yet-peppy blend of instrumental jazz fusion that takes no prisoners. It’s some serious toe-tapping jives, fueled by the trio hard at work: guitarist Erik Carlson, drummer Rob Humphreys and organist Trevor Steer. Full article...

1.Go by Richard, Not by Dick
3.Only If You Mean It
4.Verve - Go by Richard, Not by Dick
5.Please Take Me Seriously
6.You Said You Quit Drinkin'
7.Life's a Bench
8.For the Greater Good

Rob Humphreys - Drums
Trevor Steer - Organ, Key bass
Erik Carlson - Guitar


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