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lunes, 24 de octubre de 2016

Herb Ellis • Three Guitars In Bossa Nova Time


Review by Michael G. Nastos
The title Three Guitars in Bossa Nova Time is misleading in that only two guitars in any instance play the material, while tenor saxophonist Bob Enevoldsen is more important to the overall sound of the music than any other performer. In the main, Herb Ellis and Laurindo Almeida take charge on most of the songs, certainly all bossa novas and light sambas, accompanied by the pianist Donn Trenner (who worked on television with Steve Allen), bassist Bob Bertaux, lesser-known percussionists Bob Neel or Chico Guerrero, the more famous Milt Holland, and guitarist Johnny Gray on three tracks in place of Almeida. All of these selections are familiar, whether as Brazilian songs or Latinized mainstream jazz, while Ellis is upfront in the mix and definitely the leader. While one guitar is initially off the beat on "You Stepped Out of a Dream," Ellis and Almeida are merged together with Enevoldsen in fuller proportions during the fine take of "But Beautiful" with some good solo step-outs, and play in harmonically inventive tones for the very nice "Bossa Nova Samba." Enevoldsen, a multi-instrumentalist known more for playing the trombone, is as cool and smooth as Stan Getz on the melody of the Carnival beat-driven "Leave It to Me," and the spare, careful "Bossa Nova #2." Gray joins Ellis for the more jazz-oriented pieces, including the simple, laid-back "Sweet Dreams," the more commanding "Low Society Blues," where things with the entire combo really come together, and the famous Ray Brown evergreen "Gravy Waltz," made richly harmonic and memorable unto itself. "Detour Ahead" is turned into a bossa and is well done here, but the swinging version might be preferable to those who know this classic song well. On the other hand, the outstanding "I Told Ya' I Love Ya', Now Get Out" is a better adaptation with call and response squawking between Enevoldsen and Ellis perfectly depicting a couple's spat. This interesting 1963 prelude session from Ellis and Almeida together marked the beginnings of a tuneful and spicy partnership, and is a worthwhile addition and longstanding buried treasure in the discography of all participants.

01. You Stepped Out Of A Dream (4:20)
02. Bossa Nova #2 (4:24)
03. But Beautiful (2:54)
04. Bossa Nova Samba (3:13)
05. Leave It To Me (3:13)
06. I Told Ya I Love Ya, Now Get Out! (4:34)
07. Sweet Dreams (4:21)
08. Low Society Blues (3:09)
09. Gravy Waltz (2:14)
10. Detour Ahead (3:22)

Herb Ellis, John Gray, Laurindo Almeida - g
Bob Neel, Chico Guerrero, Milt Holland - d
Bob Enevoldsen - ts
Donn Trenner - p
Bob Bertaux - b

Release Date: January 16, 1963
Duration: 35:41
Genre: Jazz
Styles: Bop, Guitar Jazz, Jazz Instrument

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