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viernes, 16 de septiembre de 2016

Tail Dragger • Stop Lyin' The Lost Session

On September 29, 1982 blues singer Tail Dragger recorded nine songs with Johnny B. Moore and Jesse Lee Williams, guitars; Eddie 'Jewtown' Burks, harmonica; Willie Kent, bass; Larry Taylor, drums. Unfortunately producer Iron Jaw Harris didn't live long enough to see the album issued. Jimmy Dawkins, operating his Leric label, made an arrangement with Tail Dragger to release the 45 My Head Is Bald backed with So Ezee featuring overdubbed piano by Lafayette Leake. The remainder of the session sat in Tail Dragger's home for thirty years. Until now.

01. So Ezee ( 3:47)
02. Where Did You Go ( 4:25)
03. Ain't Gonna Cry No Mo ( 4:57)
04. Don't You Want A Good Man ( 3:34)
05. My Head Is Bald ( 4:16)
06. Alabama Bound ( 4:08)
07. Don't Trust Yo Woman ( 4:01)
08. Please Mr. Jailer ( 5:05)
09. Stop Lyin' ( 3:14)
10. Tail's Tale (16:41)

Released: 2013
Styles: Modern Electric Blues, Chicago Blues
Label: DLMK
Time: 54:13

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