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domingo, 4 de septiembre de 2016

Berndt Egerbladh • Plays the Organ With a Swing

Berndt Erik Egerbladh (May 1, 1932 – March 2, 2004) was a Swedish jazz pianist, composer and television personality.
Egerbladh was born in Transtrand. He grew up in Umeå and performed in local jazz and dance orchestras. He graduated as a teacher in 1954 and 1959, worked as such 1955–1967 and completed his education as a TV producer in 1969.
He was a producer at Swedish Radio's Channel 4 för Västerbotten 1967–1969, at Channel 2 television 1969–1985 and worked for SVT as a producer also hosting programs such as Två och en flygel (Two and a Grand Piano). He also published books, Remembering the 1940s and Remembering the 1950s, named for two TV series so titled along with one remembering the 1960s. He wrote the autobiographgical "... och så tog Berndt bladet från munnen" (... and Then Berndt Spoke Out).
From 1985 he ran his own record companies "Green Records" and "Berndt Egerbladh produktion AB". Egerbladh also wrote, arranged and performed on Doris Svensson's record Did You Give the World Some Love Today Baby in 1970.
Han was the son of Ossian Egerbladh and Amy Egerbladh née Johansson (1900–1964) and an uncle of Birgitta Egerbladh. Berndt Egerbladh married Gund-Britt Gunnarsson in 1955 and had daughters Monica and Ewa.
He died in Sollentuna, Sweden.

1 - The Beatmaker
2 - Enough
3 - Seven Strikes
4 - Mr Red
5 - The Blue Dragon
6 - 6.6.66
7 - Blue Eyes
8 - Fuzz

Alto Saxophone – Lars-Göran Uhlander
Bass – Red Mitchell
Drums – Sten Öberg
Guitar – Rune Gustafsson
Trombone – Ron Myers
Trumpet – Bertil Löfgren
Organ – Berndt Egerbladh


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