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viernes, 29 de julio de 2016

Shirley Scott • Now's The Time

Now's the Time is an album by organist Shirley Scott compiling several tracks recorded between 1958 and 1964 and released on the Prestige label in 1967. "This is early Scott, several takes from different sessions for this Prestige release", Allmusic.
Yes once upon a time jazz was a man's world but with gals like Shirley Scott around some of the cats are beginning to get inferiority complexes. Like isn't a woman's place in the kitchen! Not when she happens to be Shirley Scott. Her latest cooking is done on a Hammond, not a stove. ~ extract from Liner Notes by Mark Gardner.

A1. As It Was {Milt Jackson, Shirley Scott} (5:24)
A2. How Sweet {Shirley Scott} (7:22)
A3. Ebb Tide {Robert Maxwell, Carl Sigman} (4:11)
B1. Now's The Time {Charlie Parker} (4:26)
B2. That's Where It's At {Shirley Scott} (3:21)
B3. Cafe Style {Shirley Scott} (4:27)
B4. Out Of This World {Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer} (4:27)

Total Time: 33:40

Shirley Scott - Organ
Joe Newman - Trumpet (#A2)
Stanley Turrentine - Tenor Saxophone (#A1)
Oliver Nelson - Tenor Saxophone (#A2)
Lem Winchester - Vibraphone (#B1)
Bob Cranshaw - Bass (#A1)
George Tucker - Bass (#A2)
George Duvivier - Bass (#A3-B4)
Otis Finch - Drums (#A1)
Roy Brooks - Drums (#A2)
Arthur Edgehill - Drums (#A3-B4)

Recorded 27th May, 1958 (#A3); 23rd October, 1958 (#B2-B4); 23rd June, 1960 (#B1); 22nd August, 1961 (#A2) & 31st March, 1964 (#A1) at Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

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