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lunes, 18 de julio de 2016

Joel Paterson • Handful of Strings

"I always wanted to make a multi-tracked, Les Paul style recording. I finally finished the darn thing, so here it is, "Handful of Strings" for all you guitar geeks around the world. This album is dedicated to all my guitar heroes, including Les Paul, Buddy Merrill, Jorgen Ingmann, Charlie Christian, Chet Atkins, Merle Travis, Jimmy Bryant, Jimmy Day, Jerry Byrd, Freddie King, Albert Collins, and too many more to mention here. Thanks for checking it out, hope you all enjoy it!" (~~Joel Paterson)

There once was a time when the “multiple guitar” style of recording flourished, pioneered by Les Paul and carried on by such luminaries as Buddy Merrill and Jorgen Ingmann. With the invention of multi-track recording, the adventuresome guitarist could create lush, swirling guitar orchestras, all overdubbed through a labor-intensive studio process.Somewhere along the way, the multiple guitar recording went out of vogue. Joel Paterson seeks to change all that with this phenomenal release, reviving the lost art of multiple guitar recording with “Handful of Strings,” the best album of its kind since Buddy Merrill left the Lawrence Welk Show.
Paterson is a monster player from Chicago who seems to soak up all the great American music styles like a sponge, and you’ll hear them all here, from jazz to blues to country and rock—and even funk.“Handful of Strings” is essential listening for any guitar geek and a must for anybody who digs guitars and guitar music. All hail Joel Paterson, Chicago’s guitar geek extraordinaire! (~~Deke Dickerson from Original Liner Notes)

01. Speedin' North [2:00]

02. Twin Guitar Shuffle [2:19]
03. Pensacola Rhythm [2:35]
04. After You've Gone [2:53]
05. Swingin' Easy [2:56]
06. Northern Gentleman [2:30]
07. Callin' The Cat [2:50]
08. La Paloma [2:44]
09. Flyin' Low [3:10]
10. Seven String Ride [3:02]
11. Blue Steel Serenade [3:14]
12. Mable's Rock [2:52]
13. Fender Freeze [2:51]
14. King Freddie's Blues [2:44]

Released: 2013
Time: 38:46

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