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martes, 12 de julio de 2016

Jim Mullen Organ Trio • Make Believe

"The classic line-up of organ, guitar and drums, but not what you might be expecting. Instead of the strutting blues and soul of Sixties pioneers, this band goes for subtlety and tonal variety, regularly building up to a kind of subdued, bubbling excitement. It's the perfect setting for Mullen's mellow, soulful guitar and his legendary fluency. He and organist Mike Gorman have evolved a whole new vocabulary, while drummer Matt Skelton supports it all with the lightest of touches. As a welcome bonus, saxophonist Stan Sulzmann guests on three tracks." - Dave Gelly, The Observer

01 Nature Boy
02 Make Believe
03 When I Fall in Love
04 Nancy
05 Ae Fond Kiss
06 Speed of Sound
07 Just the Little Things
08 Rule of Thumb

Jim Mullen - Guitar
Mike Gorman - Hammond Organ
Matt Skelton - Drums
Stan Sulzmann - Tenor Sax

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