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Gus Viseur • Compositions 1934-1942

Gus Viseur, maestro francés del acordeón, comenzó tocando en las calles de Paris, en ferias y mercados. Posteriormente hizo su camino en cabarets y clubes nocturnos. Llegó a acompañar a Edith Piaf y formó parte del legendario Hot Club de France.

Gus Viseur, born Gustave-Joseph Viseur (15 May 1915 – 25 August 1974) was a Belgian/French button accordionist.

Gus Viseur was a virtuoso in the musette genre, during the swing era in the 1930s. He is the only jazz accordionist who is a member of the famous Hot Club de France, conducted by Charles Delaunay.

Gus Viseur began his career playing in the streets of Paris. He managed to get a great sound from a chromatic button accordion. It was clear that he was doing something innovative: He helped create the accordion-jazz style known as manouche. Meeting Django Reinhardt and performing with the legendary Quintet of the Hot Club of France was an important new chapter in his life. Later he even played bebop in the fifties. He was the first to draw a link between Musette and Jazz.[citation needed] In addition to his numerous recordings he also performed in cabarets and nightclubs with musicians including Didi Duprat.

He recorded his first record in 1937 and accompanied Édith Piaf in 1940. He recorded all the genres of the musette repertoire: valse, tango, paso doble,...

1. Gus Viseur & son ensemble: Jeannette
2. Gus Viseur & son orchestre: Flambée Montalbanaise
3. Gus Viseur’s Music: Winds and Strings
4. Gus Viseur & son orchestre: Douce Joie
5. Gus Viseur & son orchestre: Anomalie
6. Gus Viseur’s Music: Automne
7. Orchestre Musette: Soir de Venise
8. Gus Viseur & son ensemble: Soir de Dispute
9. Orchestre Musette “Swing Royal” : Philippe’s Stomp
10. Gus Viseur & son orchestre: Souvenir de Bruxelles
11. Gus Viseur & son orchestre: L’incomprise
12. Tony Murena & son ensemble: Swing Accordéon
13. Gus Viseur & son orchestre: Swing Valse
14. Gus Viseur & son orchestre: Matelotte
15. Gus Viseur & son orchestre: Gracieusette
16. Gus Viseur & son orchestre: Josette
17. Gus Viseur & l’orchestre Victor: L’imprévu
18. Les Frères Colombo du Bal Tabarin et leur orchestre: Jeannette

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