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miércoles, 20 de julio de 2016

Graham Dechter • Takin It There


Review by Ken Dryden
Guitarist Graham Dechter's follow-up to his strong debut recording is another fine effort, utilizing the same rhythm section, consisting of pianist Tamir Hendelman, bassist John Clayton, and drummer Jeff Hamilton. Unlike many young instrumentalists, Dechter isn't one to overplay or sound like a clone of his favorite stylists, allowing the music to breathe and taking full advantage of his skilled supporting cast. Opening with a funky take of Wes Montgomery's infrequently recorded "Road Song," he then turns his attention to Barney Kessel's obscure bluesy bop vehicle "Be Deedle Dee Do," sharing the spotlight with Clayton in a tasty performance. Dechter's breezy interpretation of Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Chega de Saudade [No More Blues]" features his intricate solo. Hamilton is prominent in the fiery take of Lee Morgan's "Hocus Pocus," introducing the piece and taking an extended break as well. Dechter's bluesy side is on display in his spirited rendition of "Come Rain or Come Shine," with judicious use of repeated riffs intermingled into his solo. Clayton contributed the laid-back "Grease for Graham," in which Dechter's soulful playing makes him seem like a seasoned veteran. The guitarist also proves to be a promising composer, contributing the warm ballad "Together & Apart" (which opens with Clayton's warm arco solo), along with the tender "Amanda," the latter of which segues into the standard "Every Time We Say Goodbye."

1.Road Song
2.Be Deedle Dee Do
3.Chega De Saudade (No More Blues)
4.Together & Apart
5.Takin' It There
7.Grease For Graham
8.Hocus Pocus
9.Come Rain Or Come shine
10. Amanda / Every Time We Say Goodbye

Graham Dechter (g)
Tamir Hendelman (p)
John Clayton (b)
Jeff Hamilton (ds)

Release Date September 18, 2012

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