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viernes, 1 de julio de 2016

Bill Le Sage • Bill's Recipes

Bill Le Sage (pianist, vibes player, composer, arranger) was one of Britain's Bebop pioneers.
Bill Le Sage / Bill's Recipes, very rare 1959 UK turquoise Saga label 12-track LP, featuring Bill on Accordion, Piano and Vibes, with the key ingredients of 4 Trombones, Trumpet, Clarinet, Tommy Whittle on Tenor, Piano, Bass & Tony Kinsey on Drums, to name a few.

Eddie Blair - trumpet
George Chisholm - trombone
Laddie Busby - trombone
Ken Goldie - trombone
Jack Armstrong - trombone
Tommy Whittle - tenor
Henry Mackenzie - clarinet
Bill Le Sage - vibes, piano, accordion
Derek Smith - piano
Lennie Bush - bass
Pete Blannin - bass
Tony Kinsey - drums

01 First Night
02 Blues
03 Finders Keepers
04 Pict's Lament
05 Snow Face
06 Little Bop Poose
07 Shade of Spring
08 Lazy
09 Cloud Frolic
10 Cambridge Blue
11 Rain on the Seine
12 Chirra Cahaua

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