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lunes, 4 de julio de 2016

Andre Previn, Mundell Lowe & Ray Brown • Uptown

Andre Previn, Ray Brown and Mundell Lowe play the music of Duke Ellington and Harold Arlen. This was André Previn's second album after his long, symphonically enforced absence from jazz, and it sounds noticeably more fluid and relaxed than his first. No longer apprehensive about dusting off his old skills, Previn is delightfully confident and breezy (dig his sly turns on "Come Rain or Come Shine" and "C Jam Blues", taking some chances as he re-phrases and paraphrases a collection of revivified standards, mostly Harold Arlen and assorted Duke Ellington. Even if Previn, that noted wit, sometimes sounds as if he is kidding the pants off these old tunes, it's great to hear him having such a good time playing jazz again. Mundell Lowe is Previn's new guitar partner, and Ray Brown returns on bass; both are right at home in this refined brand of chamber jazz grooving. Adding to the CD's appeal are some marvelously (and typically) graceful liner notes by Mel Powell, an old pal of Previn's and a lively fellow defector from the jazz piano ranks to the classical world. ~ Richard S. Ginell Personnel: André Previn (piano); Mundell Lowe (guitar).

1. Between the Devil and the Deep Bue Sea (Harold Arlen)
2. A Sleepin' Bee (Harold Arlen)
3. Come Rain or Come Shine (Harold Arlen)
4. Stormy Weather (Harold Arlen)
5. Over the Rainbow (Harold Arlen)
6. Let's Fall in Love (Harold Arlen)
7. Day Dream - Prelude to a Kiss (Duke Ellington / John LaTouche / Billy Strayhorn)
8. Good Queen Bess (Duke Ellington / Irving Mills / Irving Gordon)
9. Things Ain't What They Used To Be (Mercer Ellington / Ted Persons)
10. It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't (Duke Ellington / Irving Mills)
11. Five O'Clock Whitsle (josepu Myrow / Ken Gannon / Gene Erwin)
12. Come Sunday (Duke Ellington)
13. C Jam Blues (Duke Ellington)

Year Of Release: 1990
Nota: Corregir en el nombre del directorio "Mondell" por "Mundell"
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