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martes, 14 de junio de 2016

The Royal Rhythmaires • Shuck And Jive

The Royal Rhythmaires are a roots Rhythm and Blues band ready to get people dancing again and keep them dancing! This band provides the blues shoutin', horn honkin', hand clappin', foot stompin' sound of 40's-50's Rhythm and Blues by bringing back to life the music of Lavern Baker, Little Richard, Sam "The Man" Taylor, Red Prysock, Ruth Brown, and Ike Turner and The Kings of Rhythm to name a few!

With a powerhouse soulful singer, honking tenor and bariton sax, slapping upright bass, pounding piano and driving drums this band is a must see! "Shuck And Jive" is the debut album, and it is a rockin' rhythm & blues gem that manages to sound both exciting and authentic. A great mix of vintage cover songs (Little Walter, Roy Brown etc) and first class original material.

1. Good Lookin' (2:09)
2. Humdinger (2:08)
3. Cajun Boy (2:47)
4. Shuck And Jive (2:03)
5. You've Changed My Love (2:19)
6. Johnston Brother (2:44)
7. That's Why I Cry (2:27)
8. It Rocks! It Rolls! It Swings! (2:09)
9. Baby (2:15)
10. Party Time (2:22)
11. Up The Line (2:43)
12. Love Don't Love Nobody (2:26)

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