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miércoles, 1 de junio de 2016

The Jones Boys • The Jones Boys

Review by Ken Dryden
The Jones Boys was a session conceived by Leonard Feather featuring a number of musicians named "Jones," though none of them are related. This session, originally recorded for Period and reissued as a part of Fantasy's Original Jazz Classics limited-edition series, has a rhythm section consisting of pianist Jimmy Jones, bassist Eddie Jones, and drummer Jo Jones. Thad Jones' muted trumpet carries a swinging version of Rodgers & Hammerstein's "No Other Love," followed by a lush interpretation of "You Leave Me Breathless" and the trumpeter's tasty original "Blues for the Joneses." The somewhat obscure trumpeter Reunald Jones (best known for his section work in the bands of Count Basie, Chick Webb, and Don Redman) and Quincy Jones (heard on flügelhorn) join Thad Jones on several selections, including Quincy's fireworks-filled "The Jones Bash" and the funky blues "Jones Beach." This very desirable CD should be snapped up before it becomes a collector's item once more.

Thad Jones - Trumpet

Quincy Jones - Flugelhorn

Reunald Jones - Trumpet
Jimmy Jones - Piano
Eddie Jones - Bass
Jo Jones - Drums

1   The Jones Bash

2   No Other Love

3   You Leave Me Breathless

4   Blues for the Joneses

5   You've Changed

6   Jones Beach

7   Salute to the Blue Bird

8   Have You Met Miss Jones?

9   Montego Bay

Recorded: New York City, NY Spring 1957

This 1957 session was conceived by Leonard Feather, featuring a number of musicians named "Jones," none of whom were related.

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