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miércoles, 1 de junio de 2016

Sandy Nelson • The Rebirth Of The Beat

Sandy Nelson's new beat for a new psychedelic generation. With Joe Saraceno production, Sandy covered the classic psychedelic rock songs like: Sunshine Of Your Love, I Feel Free, Magic Carpet Ride, and classic surf instro: Out Of Limits. Also, there are fine originals with plenty of fuzz guitars and cool organ sounds.

A1 Rebirth Of The Beat 2:41
A2 Magic Carpet Ride 2:55
A3 Soulful Strut 2:19
A4 Come On React 1:48
A5 Drums Along The Strip 1:50
A6 Out Of Limits 1:53
B1 Going Up The Country 2:50
B2 I Feel Free 2:45
B3 Mendocino 2:38
B4 Sunshine Of Your Love 3:45
B5 The Lion In Winter 2:32
B6 My Own Thing 3:44

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