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lunes, 27 de junio de 2016

Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom • Jazz A Licious Grooves

Legendary producer/keyboardist Ron Levy again serves up a collection of fat jams featuring special guests! Guests include Freddie Hubbard, Idris Muhammad, Melvin Sparks, Ralph Dorsey, Gray Sargent, Stanley Banks, and more.

1- Eema's Song
2- Summertime
3- J-J-Jazz it Up
4- Greaze Is What's Good
5- Big Fine Lil' Lass
6- Zim Zam Zoom
7- Lost Tribes
8- Sons Of Abraham
9- Silver Cannonball
10- Long Time Ago
11- What D'Freak
12- Mr. Blasta From The Past Da'

Release Date 2003

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