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lunes, 27 de junio de 2016

Reuben Wilson • The Sweet Life

After a series of sugary soul-jazz dates for Blue Note, Reuben Wilson resurfaced on Groove Merchant with The Sweet Life. The title notwithstanding, the session is his darkest and hardest-edged to date, complete with a physicality missing from previous efforts. Credit tenor saxophonist Ramon Morris, trumpeter Bill Hardman, guitarist Lloyd Davis, bassist Mickey Bass, and drummer Thomas Derrick, whose skin-tight grooves sand away the polished contours of Wilson's organ solos to reveal their diamond-sharp corners. The material, while predictable (i.e., standbys like "Inner City Blues" and "Never Can Say Goodbye"), is nevertheless well suited to the set's righteous funk sound. ~ Jason Ankeny Personnel: Reuben Wilson (organ); Lloyd Davis (guitar); Bill Hardman (trumpet). Recording information: 1972.

1.Inner City Blues (4:45)
2.Creampuff (5:30)
3.Sugar (6:09)
4.I'll Take You There (6:25)
5.The Sweet Life (6:11)
6.Never Can Say Goodbye (4:15)
 January 01, 1972

Reuben Wilson - organ
Ramon Morris - tenor sax
Bill Hardman - trumpet
Lloyd Davis - guitar
Mickey Bass - bass
Thomas Derrick - drums

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