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jueves, 2 de junio de 2016

Langhorns • Langhorns-st


This Swedish band seems to be the first to do justice to surf instrumentals, while their countrymen focus on California beach music a la the Beach Boys and Jan & Dean. This advance disc is loaded with very strong originals that conjure images of the outdoors, and covers that are uniquely arranged and performed. In this day of too many covers of tunes like Penetration, it's nice to find original reinventions that are at once reverent to the source and identifiably new. Much of the guitar work here is nearly liquid, not reverbed surf, but fluidly flowing, with notes almost blending one to another. I'm impressed.

Langhorns started playing in the summer of 1995 as a result of the band members irresistible urge to do at least something right with their lives.
The original members were Michael Sellers, guitar and Martin Berglund,
bass guitar. After a couple of rehearsals they decided it was time to do what many rock musicians find the hardest - to find a drummer that not only could play the drums, but was a nice guy also. They ended up with a compromise - Rikard Swardh.
After playing surf-instrumentals at various clubs and parties Langhorns went into the legendary studio "Studion" two days summer 1997, assisted by producer Magnus Borjesson and technician Martin Hennel. This resulted in the debut "Langhorns", released feb 28 - 1998 on Bad Taste Records. It was followed up by gigs all around Sweden (ok, southern Sweden) and in June the band played at Hultsfredsfestivalen.
Since the release people are slowly but surely realizing the thrill of listening to the CD - stuffed with good vibrations and both old and new waves.
The second album "Club Gabardino" was completed during spring 1999 and
is now available for demanding music lovers around the Globe. "Club Gabardino" recorded May 16-18 this time produced by Michael Sellers and Martin Hennel features a new approach to the genre, best described as "Latino Pimp Twang".
It contains 13 original tracks and one cover and you will be surprised to hear that the sound of Langhorns now has reached totally new dimensions. The original dry reverbed delay sound that used to be the trademark of the band is now spiced up with a sweaty horn section and teasing wah wah guitars.

1. Tierra Del Fuego
2. Penetration
3. Mother Of Earth
4. Buccaneer
5. Sinner
6. El Guapo
7. Knuckleduster
8. Squad Car
9. John Doe
10. Quiet Surf
11. Latinia
12. Awesome
13. Langhorn
14. Poker
15. Eternal Wave
16. Pretty Please

Michael Sellers - Guitar
Rikard Swärdh - Drums
Martin Berglund - Bass

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