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martes, 7 de junio de 2016

Jack McDuff • Another Real Good'Un

Review by Steve Huey
Another Real Good 'Un is a latter-day Brother Jack McDuff session which finds the organist joined by tenor legend Houston Person, as well as (at various times) alto/tenor saxophonist Ron Bridgewater, trumpeter Cecil Bridgewater, drummers Buddy Williams and Cecil Brooks III, and guitarists Randy Johnston and John Hart. It's one of McDuff's better comeback albums, as he keeps the groove pumping throughout the record, swinging soulfully and interacting nicely with the other soloists. 32 Jazz reissued the session in 1999, Savoy Jazz in 2003.

1 Another Real Good'Un 7:33
2 Summertime 8:50
3 Off The Beaten Path 4:42
4 Long Day Blues 5:34
5 Rock Candy 6:59
6 I Can't Get Started 7:16
7 I Cover The Waterfront 5:12

Release Date: 1990
Duration: 46:06
Genre: Jazz
Soul Jazz

Recording Date: March 1, 1989 & July 18, 1990

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