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martes, 7 de junio de 2016

Big Boss Man • Last Man On Earth

Big Boss Man are the uk's premier punks of funk. Their debut album Humanize and follow up Winner mix funk, soul, heavy beats, jazz, indie in a 60s hammond organ 

01. Theme from Last Man On Earth
02. Aardvark
03. Blow Your Own
04. Last Man On Earth (feat. Princess Freesia)
05. Hail Caesar
06. Changing Faces (feat. Al Greener)
07. Bombay Mix
08. Crimson 6T's
09. The Bear
10. Project No. 6
11. Le dernier homme sur terre
12. Shot Down
13. Trans Adonis
14. Painted Rainbow (feat. Princess Freesia)
15. Sladey

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